September 8, 2021

How to setup your company in Vocul

How to setup your company in Vocul

Before you setup up your company in Vocul you will need to sign up to one of our payment plans. If you haven't done that yet go here to select one of our payment plans and you can follow this guide if you need more guidance.

Welcome to Vocul! We are grateful you have chosen to use our platform to help amplify your brand and culture to potential employees. We have put together a bunch of "how to" guides to help guide you through the platform and get the most out of the tools.

First thing is first...

Enter your business name and claim the Vocul subdomain you would like to use for your business. This subdomain will be used to host you companies career and culture hub, along with the job listings you create later down the track.

For most companies your subdomain will likely be your company name, so the following structure:

However you can use something different - it might be connected to a specific company marketing campaign or a message you really want to land with prospective employees.

  • Note that you can integrate your content within your own domain once your content is setup. To do this make sure you have signed up to our scaleup pricing plan and contact

Once you have entered a business name and subdomain click the "Let's Start" button.

To help show how to get the most out of Vocul we are going to use the example of one of our clients Tank Stream Labs, who are a technology focussed co-working space based in Sydney Australia.

In this example when first signing up to Vocul the Tank Stream Labs user would enter Tank Stream Labs as the company name and claim the subdomain as displayed in the image below.

Once you have done this you will be taken to the purpose built flow to create your Careers & Culture Hub. For how (and why) you do this please see our How to set setup your Careers & Culture Hub article.

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