October 7, 2021

How to setup teams

How to setup teams

Why setup teams?

It is helpful for potential employees to understand and learn about the team they will be joining, not just the company. This allows you to covey the different subcultures that exist within your company. For example your engineering team may have distinct culture from your sales team and your marketing team may have different emphasis on values or benefits.

How to setup teams

From the Vocul portal home select "Teams" on the left hand panel. Then click the "New Team" button.

Much like creating at Careers & Culture Hub page you will be guide through populating various sections of content to build up your team page.

You start by editing the Team Details section, but you can navigate to view all the sections by clicking "All sections", otherwise use the "Next Section" button to go through the sections in order.

The sections in Team page are as follows:

  1. Team Details
    In this section you can edit the page title, which normally is your team name, but can be change to suit your needs.
    You should also introduce your team with a high-level summary of your team and its role within the company
    You will need to upload a cover photo that is the top/primary image for your Team Hub. Many teams use a version of their team logo here or image that captures the core message they want convey about their team and/or subculture.
    Optionally you can upload a video that users would be able to play by clicking on the top image. You can do this by dragging and dropping the file to the grey box or clicking the plus icon and selecting a file.
  2. Team Values
    This section is to convey your team values to give insights to potential employees of what your team stands for.
    When a user clicks on this section they can either be directed to some additional text, which you can populate using a rich text editor, giving you the ability to use hyperlinks, bullet points and other formatting to suit. Alternatively a user can be directed to video content. You can do this by selecting the "Video content" radio button. You can then upload a video, for example it might be a video of the Director of your team talking about the three most important values of the team. Note we would advise all videos uploaded to be a maximum of 2 mins unless you have a really special reason - as users often won't watch a video if they see it is particularly long.
  3. Team Quotes
    Here you are able to demonstrate what your team thinks about the environment and culture as well as what the value in the team. You can either convey this message using a video by selecting "Video Content" or alternative selecting "Text content" which allows you to show written quotes from up to five team members or stakeholders. You can upload photos of them to be displayed next to their role tile and name. You are also required to upload an image, title and introduction to this section.
  4. Team Purpose
    Here is where you can articulate your team vision, mission or purpose. Again you can use rich text or a video - but if you do use text we advise to restricting yourself to one sentence of 10-15 words.
  5. Team Benefits
    In the team benefits section you can describes your company and team benefits and why potential employees will want to work for your team. Really show what differentiates you from competitors, detailing the tangible and intangible benefits associated with the team. You can either convey this message using rich text or a video.

As you fill out each section you will see the content populate and you can get a feel for what the user experience will be. In the top right hand corner you can hit mobile icon and screen icon to get a feel for how the Culture hub will appear on different devices.

If you want to see how it will look on a full browser window and/or different devices you can click the "Preview" or "Live" text in the header of the page. This will click through to a new tab to show you how the draft or live site will look.

Be careful to select images that look good on most devices. Vocul optimises images for devices and connection speeds however a good tip is to make sure focus of the image is in the middle third of the image, so no matter the screen the key message from the image is displayed.

Once you are happy with all of the sections you can click the "Complete" button. And then Click "Publish".

You can now use the "live" link to share your Team hub that showcases your team culture and list all your open jobs.

When you now create new jobs you can associate new jobs with this team.

For more about creating job see: How to create your first job ad on Vocul

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