October 6, 2021

How to set setup your Careers & Culture Hub

How to set setup your Careers & Culture Hub

After you first setup your company you will be directed to setup your Vocul Careers & Culture Hub. But first...

Why setup a Careers & Culture Hub? And what is it?

Your Careers & Culture Hub is a place to communicate your employer brand. It is a place where potential employees can get understanding of your company: what you do, how you do it and the unique culture you have at your company. It is also place for people to able to quickly see all your current job opportunities.

You can see an example for Tank Stream Labs here (we will walk you through how it was created below):


Its does take a little effort (although Vocul minimise this) to upload various images and videos so why do it?

  • Put simply to leverage some of your best and most compelling assets to potential candidates. Those assets are your culture, your team, your brand and the overall work experience you provide.
  • Think about when you have searched for a job, sure the exact role was important, but probably what was also important to you was the people and environment you were going to work with. You probably wanted to understand more about the company background, company vision, what the company values were, its purpose, why it might be successful, the benefits of working for the company, the office environment and of course the people you would be working with.
  • Showcasing your values, brand, culture and team will mean you are not just showing you have a great role, but a great all round experience. 
  • It may also help you find better matches to your culture and team as well as clearly communicating your company's values and objectives from the outset to employee candidates.

What's in Careers & Culture Hub?

So what content is included for a Careers & Culture Hub?

  • Company Branding - Allows you to setup the hub so that it matches your company branding with fonts, colours, logos etc.
  • Company introduction - Gives a clear introduction to what your company does
  • Company Values - Showcases your company values to give insights to potential employees of what your company stands for.
  • Company Benefits - Describes your company benefits and why potential employees will want to work for your company.
  • Company Purpose - Articulates your company vision, mission or purpose.
  • Get In Touch Form - Allows potential employees to contact you and send CV's etc

These sections can be adapted to display different content if it suits your business. For example you may want to convey information about your office location or your work from home culture instead of having a company benefits section.

For specific Teams and subcultures you can also create similar Team hubs. See this article if you want to create a Team hub (best done after creating your Company Careers & Culture Hub).

Setting up a Careers & Culture Hub

You will first be presented on the left hand side with the following panel.

You will need to fill out these various sections to complete your Careers & Culture Hub. It is advised to go through each section in order, however it is good note that you will be able to return to all of these sections later on and edit them. So if you don't get them perfect first time - don't worry!

  1. Company Branding
    To edit the first section you to click the pencil icon next to "Company Branding".
    Once you have done this the left panel will allow you to upload you company Logo, which will be used as a header on the Careers & Culture Hub as well as subsequent jobs.
    You also need to upload a logo icon which will be displayed in the browser tab, this is commonly know as a favicon.
    Next you can select a colour for all the buttons on your Hub, likely the primary colour of your brand or one that fits your brand. You can select manually, or by HEX, RGB and HSL.
    You then select the heading and body fonts for the Hub, using the drop down menus. Note again these should be well aligned to your brand and will be applied to your job and team pages.
    Once this is all done hit the "Next Section button" to move straight on to editing the "Company Introduction" section. Note you can click "All Sections" to go back to the previous view and select a different section to edit if you wish.
  2. Company Introduction
    In this section you can edit the page title, which normally is your business name, but can be change to suit your needs.
    You should also introduce your company with a high-level summary of your company and what you do.
    You will need to upload a cover photo that is the top/primary image for your Career's and Culture Hub. Many companies use a larger version of their company logo here or image that captures the core message they want convey about their company and culture.
    Optionally you can upload a video that users would be able to play by clicking on the top image. You can do this by dragging and dropping the file to the grey box or clicking the plus icon and selecting a file.
  3. Company Values
    This section is to convey your company values to give insights to potential employees of what your company stands for.
    When a user clicks on this section they can either be directed to some additional text, which you can populate using a rich text editor, giving you the ability to use hyperlinks, bullet points and other formatting to suit. Alternatively a user can be directed to video content. You do this by selecting the "Video content" radio button. You can then upload a video, for example it might be a video of your founders or head of human resources talking about the three most important values of the company. Note we would advise all videos uploaded to be a maximum of 2 mins unless you have a really special reason - as users often won't watch a video if they see it is particularly long.
  4. Company Benefits
    In the company benefits section you can describes your company benefits and why potential employees will want to work for your company. Really show what differentiates you from competitors. Like the company value section you can either convey this message using rich text or a video.
  5. Company Purpose
    Here is where you can articulate your company vision, mission or purpose. Again you can use rich text or a video - but if you do use text we advise to restricting yourself to one sentence of 10-15 words.
  6. Get In touch
    This section allows you to edit the form at that bottom of the page that allows potential employees to contact you and send CV's etc. This form is not job specific, but may allow people to contact you if they simply like the look of your company so you can keep them in mind if a relevant job comes up in the future.
  7. Jobs
    This final section is similar to the Get in touch form, but is a form that appears at the bottom of the page where all your open jobs are listed. Normally this is filled with the same content as the get in touch section, but you can edit to suit.

As you fill out each section you will see the content populate and you can get a feel for what the user experience will be. In the top right hand corner you can hit mobile icon and screen icon to get a feel for how the Culture hub will appear on different devices.

If you want to see how it will look on a full browser window and/or different devices you can click the "Preview" or "Live" text in the header of the page. This will click through to a new tab to show you how the draft or live site will look.

Be careful to select images that look good on most devices. Vocul optimises images for devices and connection speeds however a good tip is to make sure focus of the image is in the middle third of the image, so no matter the screen the key message from the image is displayed.

Once you are happy with all of the sections you can click the "Complete" button.

That's it you have done it! You have set up your Careers & Culture Hub.

You will now be directed to the Vocul platform main portal. Here you can see a preview of the culture hub you just created but also navigate to the other parts of Vocul. To learn more about this you can read Feeling at home in the UI.

Your next steps are like to be either:

  1. Jobs: How to setup your first job in Vocul
  2. Teams: How to setup Teams - for creating a hub for subcultures or teams

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