October 7, 2021

How to select a pricing plan and sign-up

How to select a pricing plan and sign-up

Why sign-up to Vocul?

Vocul is a Candidate Experience & Employer Branding platform to help you attract, convert & engage with potential employees.

Often employers provide incredible opportunities, have a fun work culture, have great benefits, an inspiring team and a respected brand - but also struggle to find the right talent. This is because traditional recruitment methods do a sub optimal job of communicating these benefits. Vocul fills this gap by enabling companies:

  1. To quickly and easily create a visually compelling digital presence to communicate their employment value proposition.
  2. Create visual, media rich, job listings.
  3. Build a careers hub, to showcase the company brand and culture as well as Team hubs to differentiate team subcultures.

How to sign-up to Vocul?

You can simply select the pricing plan right for you here. This page lays out the different features available for the different plans.

But the shorthand is as follows:

  • Start Up - is for businesses that only want to hire one position/job at a time. You get to create a Careers & Culture Hub, create many jobs but have one live job to advertise to the world. You get our inbuilt Application tracking system with this so you can easily filter and responds to any potential employees.
  • Scale Up - is for businesses that have up to 5 active/open jobs at a time. A great feature here also here is the ability to create Team pages to showcase subcultures in your business. For example your engineering team may want to convey a different message to your marketing team. With this pricing plan you also get greater storage and the ability to export data to other systems/software you may have. For most businesses we recommend starting with this plan.
  • Enterprise - is for large businesses that consistently have over 5 positions/jobs open at one time. You get custom service, priority support, unlimited jobs and bespoke solutions/engineering to fit your business needs. Please contact sales@vocul.com.au or contact Ryan here.

Remember you get 30 day free trial with all plans so if a plan isn't right for you you can always change (or cancel) plans down the track (by emailing support@vocul.com.au or directly in the user interface).

If you want to talk through more about the platform or what plan might be right for you please email sales@vocul.com.au we can answer your questions over email or we would be happy to arrange a call to talk through the options and how to effectively help you.

Once you know the plan you want click the "Choose plan" button under the relevant plan and you will then be directed to setup an account. You will need to:

  1. Enter an email address and password (or sign up using your google account)
  2. Accept our terms and conditions
  3. Enter your payment information as shown in the image above
  4. Finally click "Start trail"

You will then be directed to the Vocul platform to setup your company. This How to setup your company in Vocul guide will help you through the process.

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