October 5, 2021

Feeling at home in the UI

Feeling at home in the UI

Your Vocul home screen should look similar to the image above.

With the majority of the screen displaying your current culture hub page, with a panel on the left hand side that allows you to navigate to the different sections of your Vocul platform.

The top left of your screen will allow you to navigate to the various sections of the platform. The sections (with relevant guides) of the Vocul platform are as follows:

  1. Careers & Culture Hub: How to set setup your Careers & Culture Hub.
  2. Jobs: How to setup your first job in Vocul
  3. Application Tracking System: How to use the ATS
  4. Teams: How to setup Teams

The bottom link is the external link to your Vocul culture hub and subdomain. For Tank Stream Labs this is tankstreamlabss.vocul.com.au. Feel free to link this from your own site, to showcase your culture and current open roles/opportunities

At the bottom left of the UI you will be able to logout as well as manage your Vocul subscription.

When managing your subscription you can:

  • Update/change your current plan
  • Cancel your plan
  • Add/update your payment method
  • Update your billing information
  • View your billing history

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